Monsters Inc.: “The Universe of Monsters”


The film “MONSTERS INC.” is a classic film it is about a monster company that is from a different universe then us humans and the company is all about scaring children. The two main characters in the film is Sully and Mike they have been friends ever since they were little and they get into some problems at the beginning of the film when Boo, a little girl, comes into their universe and throughout the film its all about them and all the trouble they get into.

Pete Docter was the director of this film and there was many more people who helped out to create this film and I think that it is sort of amazing that so many people help create the film. In the film there was very good scenes ones that made you laugh, sad, and happy all at the same time but the best scene was when Sully went back to see Boo at the end of the film when they had fixed the door for him to go back that scene was very emotional.The film was one of the best children family films that I have watched I would say that is a film that is way up there in my favorite films. I enjoyed the animation when I was younger and rewatching the film I see that the animation has changed from “MONSTER INC.” to “MONSTER UNIVERSITY”, it’s prequel, but it was still a great animation.

Seeing the films that Pete Docter directed I would say that from the films that I watched this film is one of the best films that he directed next to “UP” and “INSIDE OUT”. This film is a good film but the audience choose “UP” and “INSIDE OUT” over “MONSTERS INC.” The film is similar to the other films Pete Docter directed because the films he directed for Pixar was all animation type films and they were all directed towards children and their family. The difference between them was the successes of the films because “UP” and “INSIDE OUT” gained more money then “MONSTERS INC.” and the films had different types of movie plots and universal themes.

The writer created many interesting characters in the film for example Sully, Boo, Mike, Randall, Celia, Fungus, and many more the writer made all the characters in the film interesting to the audience. The dialogue of he film felt real and I believe that was one the main reasons the film was very interesting. During some parts of the film I could predict an event before the writer presented it in the film but I mostly was surprised throughout the film not knowing what was going to happen next. The characters conflict throughout the film seemed real not something forced or something artificial it seemed natural with the film developed. Throughout the film I felt many emotions like happiness, sadness, surprised/anticipation, and many more.

I was drawn to the characters in the film and I believe that the dialogue and the voices of the actor’s fit the monsters and that made the film more realistic and captured the attention of the viewers. The characters seemed real in the world that was created in the film. I was absorbed into the film that I was more concentrated into the story plot. The scenes of the film and it’s order were great editing because of the order and the plot development presented in the film it made a film worth watching.


The film was overall a great film with the animation, the story plot, the actors voices, many people working on the film it created a great Pixar animated film. I enjoyed how the film was not forced but natural in a way and that the film was well directed. The only thing that I believe that needed to be removed or worked in more was more of the monsters world and somewhat more about the main characters because I felt like they were not really shown as much but equal to some of the other characters. If I were to give this film a grade I would give it a A, 91%.

Marleny Martinez 5/06/19

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