Exposing Film Criticism with a New Perspective

Before I started to do film reviews I didn’t know a lot about how to evaluate a film or how to create a good film review. For the past 5 months I have started to learn a lot about how to evaluate well a film. I have started to grow into the film review knowledge and I believe that what I have learned was very useful for evaluating a film. When I watch films now I don’t just look at the story and what is happening to the characters I am watching the film with more depth.

After all of what I have learned about how to see a film in depth I believe that the most useful and interesting things was about the camera angles and shots that one takes when creating the film and the acting of the actors playing the characters in the film. For example before knowing certain things about camera angles I had no idea that there where many different type of names for camera shots and I never really noticed or thought about how these camera angles and shots are very important to the film to make it more interesting like in the films of Marvel and live action films from Disney. The knowledge of acting is also very useful and important because when we watch a film we want the film to be a good film or we are not going to like it and the acting of an actor has a big impact on the film and its success. For example actors like Michael B. Jordan, Robert Downey, Jr., Dwayne Johnson, Tom Holland, Mahershala Ali, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Watching films now I appreciate more the production designers and their work on the films I have watched and will watch. I used to not appreciate the production design of the film but after learning more about it and seeing how we should appreciate all the people who help to make a great film I see that we should appreciate them. I also appreciate the directors of the film because before I just watched a film and never really thought of how much work does the director have to do with everyone else to create the film I am watching and seeing how good one film turns out or doesn’t it helps me out with my reviews to give my opinion on how the director did in his job with the film yet at the same time appreciate the work they do or try to complete.

After the new film information I have now been able to these films with a new perspective and it has opened y mind with many thoughts and new ideas. For example the way one sees the conflict of the characters in the film, the sequels of the film, the emotions of the film, the universal theme of the film, and more. I use to not see all this and I had a lot of film baggage and would mostly see it through one perspective but then after learning more I opened up my mind more when watching films and I have been able to review films better.

Marleny Martinez 5/10/19

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