Exposing Film Criticism with a New Perspective

Before I started to do film reviews I didn’t know a lot about how to evaluate a film or how to create a good film review. For the past 5 months I have started to learn a lot about how to evaluate well a film. I have started to grow into the film review knowledge and I believe that what I have learned was very useful for evaluating a film. When I watch films now I don’t just look at the story and what is happening to the characters I am watching the film with more depth.

After all of what I have learned about how to see a film in depth I believe that the most useful and interesting things was about the camera angles and shots that one takes when creating the film and the acting of the actors playing the characters in the film. For example before knowing certain things about camera angles I had no idea that there where many different type of names for camera shots and I never really noticed or thought about how these camera angles and shots are very important to the film to make it more interesting like in the films of Marvel and live action films from Disney. The knowledge of acting is also very useful and important because when we watch a film we want the film to be a good film or we are not going to like it and the acting of an actor has a big impact on the film and its success. For example actors like Michael B. Jordan, Robert Downey, Jr., Dwayne Johnson, Tom Holland, Mahershala Ali, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Watching films now I appreciate more the production designers and their work on the films I have watched and will watch. I used to not appreciate the production design of the film but after learning more about it and seeing how we should appreciate all the people who help to make a great film I see that we should appreciate them. I also appreciate the directors of the film because before I just watched a film and never really thought of how much work does the director have to do with everyone else to create the film I am watching and seeing how good one film turns out or doesn’t it helps me out with my reviews to give my opinion on how the director did in his job with the film yet at the same time appreciate the work they do or try to complete.

After the new film information I have now been able to these films with a new perspective and it has opened y mind with many thoughts and new ideas. For example the way one sees the conflict of the characters in the film, the sequels of the film, the emotions of the film, the universal theme of the film, and more. I use to not see all this and I had a lot of film baggage and would mostly see it through one perspective but then after learning more I opened up my mind more when watching films and I have been able to review films better.

Marleny Martinez 5/10/19

Monsters Inc.: “The Universe of Monsters”


The film “MONSTERS INC.” is a classic film it is about a monster company that is from a different universe then us humans and the company is all about scaring children. The two main characters in the film is Sully and Mike they have been friends ever since they were little and they get into some problems at the beginning of the film when Boo, a little girl, comes into their universe and throughout the film its all about them and all the trouble they get into.

Pete Docter was the director of this film and there was many more people who helped out to create this film and I think that it is sort of amazing that so many people help create the film. In the film there was very good scenes ones that made you laugh, sad, and happy all at the same time but the best scene was when Sully went back to see Boo at the end of the film when they had fixed the door for him to go back that scene was very emotional.The film was one of the best children family films that I have watched I would say that is a film that is way up there in my favorite films. I enjoyed the animation when I was younger and rewatching the film I see that the animation has changed from “MONSTER INC.” to “MONSTER UNIVERSITY”, it’s prequel, but it was still a great animation.

Seeing the films that Pete Docter directed I would say that from the films that I watched this film is one of the best films that he directed next to “UP” and “INSIDE OUT”. This film is a good film but the audience choose “UP” and “INSIDE OUT” over “MONSTERS INC.” The film is similar to the other films Pete Docter directed because the films he directed for Pixar was all animation type films and they were all directed towards children and their family. The difference between them was the successes of the films because “UP” and “INSIDE OUT” gained more money then “MONSTERS INC.” and the films had different types of movie plots and universal themes.

The writer created many interesting characters in the film for example Sully, Boo, Mike, Randall, Celia, Fungus, and many more the writer made all the characters in the film interesting to the audience. The dialogue of he film felt real and I believe that was one the main reasons the film was very interesting. During some parts of the film I could predict an event before the writer presented it in the film but I mostly was surprised throughout the film not knowing what was going to happen next. The characters conflict throughout the film seemed real not something forced or something artificial it seemed natural with the film developed. Throughout the film I felt many emotions like happiness, sadness, surprised/anticipation, and many more.

I was drawn to the characters in the film and I believe that the dialogue and the voices of the actor’s fit the monsters and that made the film more realistic and captured the attention of the viewers. The characters seemed real in the world that was created in the film. I was absorbed into the film that I was more concentrated into the story plot. The scenes of the film and it’s order were great editing because of the order and the plot development presented in the film it made a film worth watching.


The film was overall a great film with the animation, the story plot, the actors voices, many people working on the film it created a great Pixar animated film. I enjoyed how the film was not forced but natural in a way and that the film was well directed. The only thing that I believe that needed to be removed or worked in more was more of the monsters world and somewhat more about the main characters because I felt like they were not really shown as much but equal to some of the other characters. If I were to give this film a grade I would give it a A, 91%.

Marleny Martinez 5/06/19

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The Best Comic Talent I’ve Ever Seen on Film

There are many great film actors although the best comic talent that I have seen is Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is a stand up comedian and a film actor. Kevin Hart had been in at least 42 movies for example Night School, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle , Central Intelligence, and Let Go. Kevin Hart tells comedy between his life stories and experiences (his point of view of the story). When Kevin Hart is in a film the type of comedy he mostly uses is fish out of water comedy and dry-wit comedy for example in the movie Ride along he is a fish out of water type comedy.

Why is Kevin Hart’s Comic Talent Funny?

Kevin Hart does not just read off the script something he has to say that is supposed to be a joke or something funny the character says. Instead in the films he includes his own facial expressions when he is saying something funny in the film. When Kevin Hart is also acting in a scene with another actor and it is supposed to be a funny scene they work well together to make the scene funny for example in the film Night School when Tiffany Haddish (his teacher) is spanking Kevin Hart in a chicken suit while Taran Killam (old acquaintance of Kevin Hart’s character and principle) doesn’t know what to do makes the scene of the film funny.

What types of reactions does this talent get from box office, critics and audiences?

In a article from the New York Times Review: ‘Night School’ Has Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and a Few Laughs about the movie Night School Kevin Hart acted the writer of the article mentioned that the film was not reaching the high expectations of the writer/reviewer. The writer mentions that even thought the film was not a good as he had expected he mentioned that Kevin Hart’s talent is represented better in films like Ride Along and also the other actors that acted with him. In a critic review named The Best Movie Roles of Kevin Hart also mentions that he has a great sense of humor and he rose to stardom easily and mentions that Kevin is a great actor/comedian.

Who are Kevin Hart’s comedian influences?

Kevin Hart mentions some comedians that have a influenced him for example Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Jerry Seinfeld. Kevin Hart mentions that Chris Rock is like a mentor to him because he is a stand-up comedian like Kevin Hart and he has made it into a business and he has accomplished many things for example he is a producer, director, and he writes. Kevin Hart mentions that Eddie Murphy is a inspiration to him because he inspired him in stand up comedy which also influences his comedic talent. Jerry Seinfeld is someone who made a great impact on television and does stand up comedy which is something that motivated Kevin Hart which he said. Kevin Hart mentions in a article called 5 COMEDIANS WHO INSPIRED KEVIN HART, IN HIS OWN WORDS that “It’s easy to say just one (comedian). I am where I an today because of so many people. My hat goes off to so many.” Kevin Hart admires many comedians/actors even though he mentions a few.

  • Marleny Martinez 4/1/19


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Jurassic Park (1993)

I watched the film Jurassic Park and I enjoyed the film. The film is about John Hammond’s creation a park full of dinosaurs and he is trying to get some people to advertise the park so he chooses 2 paleontologist Alan and Ellie and a mathematician Ian to for them tour the park and try to convince them to advertise the park. They take a tour of the park with some of John’s kids and it takes a dangerous turn when the dinosaurs become a threat to them.

“Genre, Film Conflict, and Universal Message of Film”

The film’s genre is Sci-Fi and Action so this film type of audience may be people who love dinosaurs, people who enjoy watch Sci-Fi films, and people who enjoy to watch action films too. The characters conflict is between character vs nature it was the main characters Alan, Ellie, Lex, Tim, Ian, John, and the rest of the people on the island which had a great conflict with the dinosaurs (nature). First when the dinosaur escapes from the habitat and start to attack and chase them and when they are trying to restore the power two dinosaurs start to attack them so the conflict is mostly through the whole film. I believe that from the film the universal message is to not mess with nature and its course of life for example bringing dinosaurs back to life. In the film it even mentions that messing with the course of life is very dangerous that we don’t know everything about the species and how to live with the creatures because it can go all wrong like what had happened in the park.

“Cinematography, Color, Sound, and Music in the Film”

There where many shots where the camera was at extreme wide shot for example when Alan and Ellie first get to the park and they get of the Jeep to get a closer look at the dinosaur they are shown in a this camera angle to sort of let the viewer see the comparison of how big the dinosaur was compared to them to show maybe why they were so amazed that they were seeing this huge creature that had died millions of years ago. Another type of camera shot was a medium close up it was taken when the dinosaur saw the kids inside the Jeep so it got close to the car to make the viewer feel fear and be scared of what will happen just like how the kids felt in the film. I believe that they wanted to include these types of shots in the film is because they wanted the viewers to get into the film to enjoy it so that it would become a well known film. The film did not use many colors but the colors mostly used was the colors green and black. The color green was used a lot to symbolize the dangers they were about to be in for example Alan and the kids Tim and Lex were on the ground where there were a ton of grass plants and grass field hills which some minutes later where in danger when dinosaurs were running towards them so they had to run before they would get hurt. The color black was used a lot when the storm came because it was pitch black and that signified the death of people on the island and the fear of the characters and this was all during the time the dinosaurs escaped and started to attack them. With different color scenes and them having all a connection which tied to the conflict of the film it made the film sort of predictable and have a ton of foreshadowing which someone might not understand if they do not know the meanings of colors in a scene. The film was nominated and won a BAFTA Award for best special effects I believed that it was warranted because the way the film came out and how it was made I believed that it was already justified that they would get nominated and possible win.

In the film there was scenes where silence was very important in the film because it gave the viewer the feeling of suspense and it allowed us to hear the heavy breathing, the panting of the characters, and snorting of the dinosaurs which allowed the viewer to be captured into the moment. The type of music played in the back also had a great effect in the film because sometimes in the background you would hear trumpets playing for example when they arrived at the park trumpets started to play a joyful thrilling type of music as if announcing just with music that the park is something amazing and its going to be a adventure. There was also points in the film where you could hear very clearly things happening in the background for example since they were on a island you could hear water rushing, the storm, mud sucking the characters feet, the animals, the sound of other characters heavy breathing because they are scared, and a lot more and that made the film more interesting to the viewers because you could hear clearly what was happening around them and it felt as if you were in the film with them. The film was nominated and won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing and I believed that this award was also warranted because they had many sounds, music, and scenes where it was silent that fit perfectly in the film that it was warranted.

Personal Reflection

The film Jurassic Park succeed in the film industry because years after the film was released there were 3 other films made after it and 1 more coming in the year 2021. I believe because of how the film was made and the story plot of the film which probably became a huge success maybe the camera shots and the sounds of the film may had also played a huge part if why the film succeeded. The thing that didn’t work for me was probably the screams of the characters because they often screamed a lot even though I understand why they would be yelling but some characters did yell a little too much. What did work for me was the sound affects of the dinosaurs because they made it life like as if dinosaurs were alive and right in front of you. I would give this film a 90% grade.

Marleny Martinez 3/11/19

Si Te Vas ( If You Leave) Analyze


Si Te Vas – English Translation – LIT killah

It does not matter when you call me
If it is night or early morning
Because for you I’m not here
I know that jealousy beats you
But we are nothing anyway
So forget my love
I do not die for you anymore, yeah
I’m not dying for you, yeah
There are many women who are better than you
I do not want to see you anymore
And now tell me if you’re going
I’m not going to look for you
She’s crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you
And now tell me if you’re going
I’m not going to look for you
She’s crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you
When she sees me, she remembers that
I do it very well
She wants to go back, she wants to have
What she can not have, can not understand
She does not want to accept that this was already
Bad woman, bad woman
Now you have to lose, now I will not fall in your game
But you are the one that will fall at my feet
Asking for a return please, but it will not happen
Although you can not erase all those mascara marks
So, alone, you’re going to save now (-now)
I’m going to get away from the problems
I want to enjoy the whole night
I do not want you to f*** around me anymore
At least for now
(And if you have me, I want it to be just to tell me)
If you go
I’m not going to look for you
She’s’ crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you
And now tell me if you’re going
I’m not going to look for you
She’s’ crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you
I valued you without knowing that (If I already know)
When you were with me another mouth you kissed
You forgot me, you failed me
And now the fault is the one that haunts me everywhere
A night of alcohol, of madness and betrayal
Now they made you forget
Everything-what-you-are-regretting today
And you ask me for forgiveness but I told you no, no, no, no
Baby I told you not to
I do not die for you anymore, yeah
I’m not dying for you, yeah
There are many women who are better than you
I do not want to see you anymore
And now tell me if you’re going
I’m not going to look for you
She’s’ crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you
And now tell me if you’re going
I’m not going to look for you
She’s crazy for having me
And now I do not want to see you, see you

This song was in Spanish but I translated it to English. It is a song that is written from the guy’s perspective.

Characters/Characters: The singer, his ex girlfriend, and the guy she cheated with.

Inciting Incident: His girlfriend cheating on him and then he tells her to forget about him, to leave him alone, that he doesn’t love her anymore, etc.

Setting: Not known

The Conflict: The singers girlfriend cheated on him when they were dating.

The Resolution: He decide to not forgive her even though she pleaded for him to come back to her.

Genre: If this song was ever turned into a film I believe that it would be a Drama Romance Film because of all the conflict in the film.

Marleny Martinez 3/3/19

Interview: Paul Garafalo Thoughts and Experiences About Film

The person that I have interviewed for this film assignment was Paul Garafalo he is 62 years of age he is Caucasian. He is a close friend of my parents and he lives in Shelby, North Carolina. I interviewed him about his experience about watching films since he grew through the change of film. I also asked him some questions relating to his opinions about films. I interviewed Paul on Thursday February 21st 2019. Here are the questions that I asked him:

Questions and Responses

  • What were some of the first films you remember watching in a theater? “Cartoons like Bambi and Westerns”
  • What do you remember about those early film experiences (food, type of theater, friends, family), how you felt when watching a film in a theater, etc.? “Saturday afternoon matinee, $.50 to enter, candy for $.05, went with friends, excited to have something to do during winter months. “
  • Did you watch many films growing up in theaters (or at home)? If so, what films were you drawn to? “Yes mostly Disney movies at home on Saturday nights, sometimes in theaters. I liked all movies whatever was on, not much choice or variety back then.”
  • Did you ever go to Drive-In Movies when you were younger? What do you remember about those? “Yes with parents when young. My mom filled a large paper grocery bag full of popcorn to eat during movie; with friends when older, double dating, and drinking beer.”
  • Do you remember when the event films like Jaws and Star Wars when they were in theaters? Tell me about those memories. If not, what were the first Blockbuster films you remember everyone wanting to see? “Yes I do.  Also E.T., Close Encounters, Raiders of the lost Ark, etc.  I was always excited to go. I’ve followed Stars War from it’s beginning.”
  • When HBO, Showtime, VCR’s, or DVDs were readily available, did that change how you went to see movies? Or which ones you went to see in a theater?  “Yes, we would buy or tape movies to watch over again, but would still go to the theater sometimes to watch blockbusters, but more often to the $1 theater.”
  • Did you ever go rent movies from a video store? If so, how did you decide what to choose to watch with all those choices? “Yes; we would rent blockbuster movies that we didn’t see in the theater or to rewatch ones we like; I tried to be selective and searched for movies without graphic violence, spiritism, and vulgarity like sex and swearing.”
  • How and where do you watch most of your movies now (theaters, DVDs, streaming, etc.)? “Now we watch movies on Netflix, some on TV or DVD, and once in a while a theater.”
  • What kinds of films do you watch now? Do you feel those tastes have changed much in the past 20 years? “I look for films without violence, sex, spiritism, etc-not easy to  find but we are selective. It is harder to find good, decent, appropriate entertainment today. “
  • How often do you go to theaters now to see films? How different is it now than when you first films in theaters (sizes of theaters, food choices, movie choice options, etc)? What do you attribute the changes to (if there is one)? “Once in a while if we really want to see a certain movie cut; theaters today are smaller but there are many movies at the same complex. When I first went it was one big theater with one movie or two on the same afternoon. There have always been popcorn, soda, and candy for sale. Today there are more people with more money and more time with a great variety of choices. To me most movies made today are not worth watching nor paying to watch,  but somebody must be watching them because they just keep coming.”
  • What is the last film you watched in a movie theater? Did you enjoy the experience? “I think it was Star Wars VII: The Last Jedi. Those are the type I like to watch in the Cinema because of special effects and it’s powerful sound system”.

Overview of the Interview

After interviewing Paul I learned more about his opinions about films like what types of films he enjoys and what he thinks about films he doesn’t like. I also learned more about when he was younger how films and ways you could watch films were very different from now and what he thinks about the transition of time and history of film. I believe that after doing this interview it gave me a new point of view to see films and how they are very different from the past.

Marleny Martinez 2/23/19

What Film Baggage Means To Me and Why.

Film baggage to me is the impact I get from watching a film I will obtain baggage from the film either about a actor or the film. When I watch a film I gain baggage from the film whether it be negative or positive it is all about the experience and my opinions about the film or actor. As I have mentioned in my other blog post “What Film Means To Me” I have many opinions negative and positive opinions about films and film genres.

Some positive film baggage that I have is about the genre film comedy. I enjoy comedy films and when I always watch a comedy film I always have this thought that it is going to be good and how funny it is to other films. As mentioned in the article provided “Baggage” sometimes we don’t even notice that we sometimes compare our films with other films that we have already watched and with our positive and negative baggage.

Some positive film baggage that I have are about romantic films and comedy films. When I always watch a romantic film or a comedy film I have this thought that I am going to enjoy the film and if it is going to be better than the last romantic or comedy film that I have watched. For example the movie “MEAN GIRLS” is a great comedy movie that I enjoyed and when I later watched the film “REVENGE OF THE BRIDESMAIDS” I sort of compared the two films and how much I have enjoyed the two films and what is different and great about the both films.

This is my opinion that I don’t have a lot of negative baggage about any film or actor but I probably am wrong I just don’t notice that I have a ton of negative baggage. Although I do have negative baggage about movies like horrors. I do not enjoy horror movies and when I am invited to watch a horror movie or when a horror movie is released I have this opinion that the movie is not going to be interesting to me and I will not enjoy it like other films. For example the movie “I.T.” and “SAW” I had negative film baggage about it and had an opinion that I was not going to enjoy it and I still have that baggage and I believe that sometimes negative film baggage is not something bad.

I believe that a way that you can overcome negative film baggage is to think about your opinions and other opinions and perspectives about your baggage about something and try to have a balanced critic opinion. A way to overcome positive film baggage is by trying to control your own bias opinions and thinking about other perspectives like the how you can do with negative film baggage. – Marleny Martinez 2/11/19

“What Film Means To Me”

I started to watch films with my sisters when I was little and my family loved to watch films together I enjoyed watching films with them everytime we did. I was very interested in films that came out each year and I would want to watch them so my family started to buy many films for us to watch at home. Film is something that me and others can watch together and enjoy. Watching films is a great past time for me when I have the time or when I want to watch one.

I enjoy watching films of every type genre but the genre of films that I least enjoy are western, fantasy, animation, and horror. I enjoy sci-fi, history, action, comedy, mystery, and many more. I enjoy watching tons of films with people that I enjoy hanging out with. I have watched many films over the past years and the films that I have enjoyed the most were “The Maze Runner”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”, and “Jurassic Park”. These films stood out to me the most from all the other films that I have watched because they had many of the things in the film that I believe every film should have.

Some of the films that I remember watching for my first time was “MULAN” and “THE HUNGER GAMES” and I enjoyed them a ton. The movie “MULAN” I watched it with my sisters at home and I enjoyed the movie because it was funny, the characters were likeable, the story plot was great, and the film pictures were good. The film was over all good. The film “THE HUNGER GAMES” I also watched with my sisters at home and the film was a great film I enjoyed it so much that I had watched the next films after it. I started to enjoy these types of films like the films from disney and pixar and films of adventure and action.

A film that I didn’t enjoy or think was good was the film “POCAHONTAS II: JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD”. I did not enjoy the film as much as the first film that was made but I really don’t enjoy any sequels of princesses. I also disliked the film “SHREK”and the movies that were made after it. The film story was not interesting to me and it was sort of weird. I do not enjoy films of fairy tales and fantasy as much that is why I do not enjoy the films “POCAHONTAS II” and “SHREK”. 2/2/19 Marleny Martinez.