What Film Baggage means to me and why.

Film baggage to me is the impact I get from watching a film I will obtain baggage from the film either about a actor or the film. When I watch a film I gain baggage from the film whether it be negative or positive it is all about the experience and my opinions about the film or actor. As I have mentioned in my other blog post “What Film Means To Me” I have many opinions negative and positive opinions about films and film genres.

Some positive film baggage that I have is about the genre film comedy. I enjoy comedy films and when I always watch a comedy film I always have this thought that it is going to be good and how funny it is to other films. As mentioned in the article provided “Baggage” sometimes we don’t even notice that we sometimes compare our films with other films that we have already watched and with our positive and negative baggage.

Some positive film baggage that I have are about romantic films and comedy films. When I always watch a romantic film or a comedy film I have this thought that I am going to enjoy the film and if it is going to be better than the last romantic or comedy film that I have watched. For example the movie “MEAN GIRLS” is a great comedy movie that I enjoyed and when I later watched the film “REVENGE OF THE BRIDESMAIDS” I sort of compared the two films and how much I have enjoyed the two films and what is different and great about the both films.

This is my opinion that I don’t have a lot of negative baggage about any film or actor but I probably am wrong I just don’t notice that I have a ton of negative baggage. Although I do have negative baggage about movies like horrors. I do not enjoy horror movies and when I am invited to watch a horror movie or when a horror movie is released I have this opinion that the movie is not going to be interesting to me and I will not enjoy it like other films. For example the movie “I.T.” and “SAW” I had negative film baggage about it and had an opinion that I was not going to enjoy it and I still have that baggage and I believe that sometimes negative film baggage is not something bad.

I believe that a way that you can overcome negative film baggage is to think about your opinions and other opinions and perspectives about your baggage about something and try to have a balanced critic opinion. A way to overcome positive film baggage is by trying to control your own bias opinions and thinking about other perspectives like the how you can do with negative film baggage. – Marleny Martinez 2/11/19

“What Film Means To Me”

I started to watch films with my sisters when I was little and my family loved to watch films together I enjoyed watching films with them everytime we did. I was very interested in films that came out each year and I would want to watch them so my family started to buy many films for us to watch at home. Film is something that me and others can watch together and enjoy. Watching films is a great past time for me when I have the time or when I want to watch one.

I enjoy watching films of every type genre but the genre of films that I least enjoy are western, fantasy, animation, and horror. I enjoy sci-fi, history, action, comedy, mystery, and many more. I enjoy watching tons of films with people that I enjoy hanging out with. I have watched many films over the past years and the films that I have enjoyed the most were “The Maze Runner”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”, and “Jurassic Park”. These films stood out to me the most from all the other films that I have watched because they had many of the things in the film that I believe every film should have.

Some of the films that I remember watching for my first time was “MULAN” and “THE HUNGER GAMES” and I enjoyed them a ton. The movie “MULAN” I watched it with my sisters at home and I enjoyed the movie because it was funny, the characters were likeable, the story plot was great, and the film pictures were good. The film was over all good. The film “THE HUNGER GAMES” I also watched with my sisters at home and the film was a great film I enjoyed it so much that I had watched the next films after it. I started to enjoy these types of films like the films from disney and pixar and films of adventure and action.

A film that I didn’t enjoy or think was good was the film “POCAHONTAS II: JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD”. I did not enjoy the film as much as the first film that was made but I really don’t enjoy any sequels of princesses. I also disliked the film “SHREK”and the movies that were made after it. The film story was not interesting to me and it was sort of weird. I do not enjoy films of fairy tales and fantasy as much that is why I do not enjoy the films “POCAHONTAS II” and “SHREK”. 2/2/19 Marleny Martinez.